The EvilCorp Red Team Training Environment

1.) Red Team

True Red Team assessments are different from traditional pen testing. They follow some pen testing methodologies, but are more targeted and focused — designed to test the organization’s detection and response capabilities. Red Team Tools

2.) RedTeam Tips & Tricks

Red Team resources, tips, tricks and the trade.
Red Team Tips

3.)WebApp Hacking 101

This training Lab & Guide walks you through different exercises related to hacking modern web applications.You should download the VM and load it in VMWare Player or Virtual Box
Red Team WebApps Hacking 101 Lab

4.) EvilCorp CTF

90 minute Capture the Flag, application validation style, score points for exploiting WebApp Weaknesses

Evilcorp CTF Rules

5.) Mr.Robot Hacks

We will run through each of the Mr.Robot Hacks, from Raspberry Pi's, to Token Stealing
Red Team's Mr.Robot Trainings



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