The EvilCorp Evilcorp Training Essentials

A.) WebApp Hacking 101 Lab Guide

The Red Team WebApp Hacking v3.1 101 Lab Guide. WebApp Hacking 3.1 Lab Guide

B.) WebApp Hacking 101 VMLAB

Lab VM Image its 17gb, (7gb Compressed) and is Debian based. The Password to login to the image is located in the guide. You can download the VM here:
Red Team WebApp Hacking Virtual Machine 3.1, unrar with the password r00t,

And the SHA3-512: 4fba5f28bd4414f65f31d278334da42c34bf9eb6a21be318d473482d6eabca3a036011743747590a6611ec9f3446720f9896e5a2195e53016798cdb6e06634ca

C.) Evilcorp Training Video

Evilcorp Web Application Hacking 101 Video Starter
EvilCorp Video

D.) Evilcorp ZAP & Burp

Evilcorp ZAP & Burp Suite Exersises and labs.Intended to review DOM related functions
Evilcorp ZAP Labs

E.) DOM-XSS Explained

Evilcorp DOM related Documents & functions
Evilcorp DOM Labs